Our Process

At Hills Brothers, we believe that the trust and investment that you put in us deserves the highest level of responsive, reliable, excellent service. That’s why, from the beginning, you work directly with us and have access to us any time, from the initial consultation until well after your build is over. We mean that. We won’t pass you off to some middle man, we won’t stonewall you with a receptionist; you’ll have our numbers and we will answer. That’s our commitment to you, that’s our philosophy and that’s the core of our process: you call us, we partner with you, and we work tirelessly until you are 100% satisfied with our work.

You don’t need anything to start working with us. If you have an idea and our number, that’s all you need. We are a full-service team that can work through the entirety of your project, from beginning to end. If you have already invested in an architect, designer, or other professional, we are delighted to join your team to get working on your vision. Wherever you are in your process, we can and will fit right in.

It all starts with a call. Reach out to us and tell us what you have in might. We look forward to getting started.

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